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Batch 104: Milkshake IPA!

With some lactose on hand, let’s get shaky! Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP0066Yeast Starter: 1.5L, stepped up from two old liquid culturesBatch Size (Gallons): 5.5Starting Gravity: 1.036Original Gravity: 1.053Final Gravity: 1.0IBU: 25 (ala BeerSmith3)Boiling Time (Minutes): 75Color: 6 SRM (ala BeerSmith3)Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 10.5# Maris Otter0.5# Honey Malt12oz Flaked Oats5 hefty scoops of […]

Batch 103: Partigyle! Export Milk Stout, Session Smölbier

The milk stout was planned as something tasty with lactose to get us through next winter. It didn’t come out nearly as high gravity as I had hoped, so I might just put this on tap and save Obama’s Last Stand (coming in above 10% ABV) for next winter. There was plenty left in the […]

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Batch 102: Easy drinking lager

The two lagers I’ve made so far have been killer. Since it’s brewing season here in February, and since I have a yeast starter worked up, and maybe to celebrate the pre-eminent sporting event of the year, the superlative basin Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP840Yeast Starter: Stepped up to 2L, chilled in 8.2021, stepped up with an additional […]

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Batch 101: Angus the younger

Batch 73 turned out to be epic. 73 and 74 were the same wort (a Pliny clone base) fermented two ways, one in a traditional west-coast IPA style, and the other fermented like an NEIPA. The NEIPA (74) wasn’t bad, but the straight Pliny clone was killer. The next Pliny-like batch departed in grain bill […]

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Batch 100: Obama’s Last Stand

Oldie but goodie 🙂 was going to brew a 10% wheat wine with Centennial Hops for my 100th batch, but maybe I can just save that for another day. Original recipe here: Batch 63: Inauguration Ale I swapped half of the MO with 2-row due to only having 6# of MO. Hops are OLD (some […]

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Batch 99: Rye Mocha Stout

Inspired by a rye stout I enjoyed many years ago at Berryessa Brewing Co in Yolo County, CA. Focus added on coffee/chocolate flavor from the copious roasted grains. Recipe Type: All-GrainYeast: S-05Yeast Starter: 24g from a big brickBatch Size (Gallons): 5 gallonsOriginal Gravity: 1.075Final Gravity:IBU: ~45? (estimated from Time (Minutes): 60Color: 32?Primary Fermentation (# […]

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Batch 98: Pumpkin Amber Ale

Tis the season to make tasty firepit beer 🙂 Recipe Type: All-GrainYeast: S-05Yeast Starter: 24g from a big brickBatch Size (Gallons): 5 gallonsOriginal Gravity: 1.064Final Gravity:IBU: ~25Boiling Time (Minutes): 60Color:Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 10# 2-row1# C601# Special B1# brown sugar (@ flameout) 0.5 oz Northern Brewer (7.8 AAU) 90 oz Libby’s canned […]

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Batch 97: Wet Hopped IPA

The hops were poppin! and some were beginning to dry out and brown, so I thought it might be a good time to brew a wet hopped IPA. I collected 12oz wet hops, some Cascade and some Fuggles (in an unknown proportion), with a tiny bit of some norther brewer likely mixed in. Cascade and […]

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Batch 96: IPA

I was going for a dank west-coast-style DIPA, but ran into a stuck sparge, tried to re-filter the first 3 gallons of fresh wort after fixing things, and ended up drawing way more wort than I had originally intended (~9 gal), and the beer ended up far lower gravity than I had planned. Welp. Hopefully […]

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Batch 95: Cocoa Sombrero

Some new equipment, including a new false bottom for my round 5 gallon mash tun, and a true stainless counterflow chiller, need a good inaugural beer. This is the Soul Harvester recipe, but mashed really hot to keep it thick, lower ABV, and then spiced Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: S-05Yeast Starter: Two packetsBatch Size (Gallons): 5.5Original Gravity: 1.065Final Gravity: 1.022 (~6% […]