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Batch 6: Pale Zythos SMaSH

Briefly, I am finding myself in the midst of a SMaSHing experiment 🙂 Last batch was a pale/nugget ale that I ended up splitting between two containers to dry hop with either Nugget or Zythos. This batch will be the compliment, brewing with Zythos and them  splitting the batch to dry-hop with either Zythos or […]

Batch 5: Pale Nugget SMaSH

So, this technically isn’t quite a SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop), as I’m using both 2-row and crystal 60. However, it is my FIRST ALL GRAIN BATCH! Yes kids, daddy has taken his first step onto the field. After reading a ton on BIAB (brew in a bag, a method of no-sparge all grain […]