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Batch 10: Belgian Holly Ale/Winter Warmer

Doing a second batch of jmo88’s holly ale from This time, I’m going to use a belgian yeast (WLP530), and I’m using the original grain bill proposed (instead of doing an extract batch), with slightly different quantities (probably negligible) due to the portions that my LHBS sells in: 13# pale 2-row 0.5# crystal 60 […]

Batch 9: Dogfish Pumpkin Clone

variation on this recipe: brewed Saturday 9/1/2012 carmelized canned pumpkin – spread into a baking pan, cooked at 350* for 1 hour SG (first 2.5 gallons): 1.059 (corrected from 1.042 at 148*) SG (second 1.5 gallons): 1.044 (corrected from 1.026 at 150*) OG: 1.071 !? (after cooling, measured before pitching yeast, suspecting it’s artifically high […]