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Batch 94: Vienna Lager

Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP830Yeast Starter: worked up from .5L to 2L starterBatch Size (Gallons): 5Original Gravity: 1.047Final Gravity: 1.006 (5.4% ABV)IBU: 25Boiling Time (Minutes): 60Color: 9.5Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 63° first day, 56° second daySecondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 5# Vienna4# Munich2# Maris Otter0.5# C60 1oz German Hallertau (3.8%) – FWH1oz German Hallertau (3.8%) – 30 min1 whirlfloc – […]

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Batch 93: Love is the law, love under hops

I’m now trying to fill the fridge for the winter. We have the prospect of a Belgian Dubbel (previous batch), some very dark and spiced ale (coming soon to a beer blog near you), a Vienna Lager (also coming soon), and Sarah and I loved Batch 91 so much (my first attempt at a NEIPA), […]

Batch 92: Dubbel the demand

I put out a call to Twitter, and the good people of the interwebs voted that I should brew a Belgian Dubbel next 🙂 So, here we are. I’m using a hybrid of a number of recipes, including the Ommegang Abbey Dubbel at (, my first dubbel (, and the dubbel recipe in […]