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Batch 102: Easy drinking lager

The two lagers I’ve made so far have been killer. Since it’s brewing season here in February, and since I have a yeast starter worked up, and maybe to celebrate the pre-eminent sporting event of the year, the superlative basin Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP840Yeast Starter: Stepped up to 2L, chilled in 8.2021, stepped up with an additional […]

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Batch 101: Angus the younger

Batch 73 turned out to be epic. 73 and 74 were the same wort (a Pliny clone base) fermented two ways, one in a traditional west-coast IPA style, and the other fermented like an NEIPA. The NEIPA (74) wasn’t bad, but the straight Pliny clone was killer. The next Pliny-like batch departed in grain bill […]

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