Batch 26: Fuggles/Maris Otter SMaSH

Let’s compare Fuggles (batch 26) to Willamette (batch 23)!

Recipe Type: All-Grain
Yeast: Safale-04
Yeast Starter: No (1 packets of Safale-04 used)
Batch Size (Gallons): 2.5
Original Gravity: unknown (still haven’t gotten a hydrometer)
Final Gravity:
IBU: 45?
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60
Color: 7
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 10 days (so far, at ~68*F)

6# Maris Otter

1oz Fuggles for 60 minutes
1 oz Fuggles for 15 minutes (oops, put it in at 10min)

I ran out whirlfloc, so no whirlfloc …

Mash with 1.5 qt/lb (2.25 gallons) at 150* for 60 minutes, sparge (mash out; 2 gallons) at 170*

I ran all of the water SLOWLY through a new 4-micron carbon filter before using it to brew (both mash and sparge water). There was a bit too much wort to fit in the pot, so I topped it up about half-way through the boil. I didn’t pre-heat the mash tun, so it lost some degrees, and to compensate, I took 2 cups of thick mash and decocted, which may change a) the flavor, and b) the color, but hopefully not too much. It was just enough to bring the temps back up after about 30 minutes of mash. Between no whirlfloc, not knowing the gravity, hopping at 10 minutes instead of 15, decocting the mash, and topping-up the boil (ending with a higher volume), this probably isn’t the ideal comparison brew … but it’ll give me some idea of some of the hop profile differences. Next time, I need to be more precise in replicating other elements of the brew day when making SMaSH beers.

Posted November 26, 2013 by fbarrett in Fuggles, Maris Otter, Safale S-04, SMaSH