Batch 35: Slay Our Demons Witbier

Recipe Type: All-Grain
Yeast: WLP400
Yeast Starter: No (1 vial used)
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5 gallons
Original Gravity: 1.048
Final Gravity:
IBU: 17
Boiling Time (Minutes): 75
Color: 3.5
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):

5# Rahr 2row
4# Torrified Wheat
1# Flaked Oats (Giant Quick Oats)

1oz Cascade Leafs 75min

0.3 oz Bitter Orange Peel 5 min
0.3 oz Grapefruit Peel 5 min
0.7 oz Crushed Coriander Seed 5 min

Mashed in with 3.5 gal water at 165* to get a 154* mash. 10 minutes in, mash held at ~150*

Sparged with 5 gal water (in two batches) first 2.5 at 196* water temp, second 2.5 at 160* water temp (mash after draining the first sparge was at 156*). Collected ~6.5g for boil

OG 1.047 at 75* (corrected to 1.048) 🙂 Pitched at 75*, looks like I have between 70% and 75% brewhouse efficiency on this one! I sparged quite slowly, weary of all of the wheat and oats, and I used at least a half-pound of rice hulls. I might have to sparge more slowly from now on to see if I can improve my efficiency!

UDPATE 4/27: Healthy fermentation, seems to be in the high 70s. I see the remnants of a high krausen that almost reached the top of the 6 gallon fermenter, but stopped just short (whew, no blow-out).