Batch 36: Holly Ale 2014

a 0.5L starter of WLP001, saved from a prev batch (#34) brewed and saved for 1 week in the fridge in a pint mason jar

12# 12oz 2-row
8oz C60
8oz CaraAroma
8oz Pale Chocolate
4oz Torrified Wheat

0.5oz CTZ (17.5% listed) 60 min
0.25oz CTZ 30 min
0.25oz CTZ 10 min

1# Clover honey (from Baugher’s) at flameout

(forgot the whirlfloc)

mashed in with ~5.5 gallons at 152* (161* water), slowly dropped to 148* by the end of the mash

sparged in 2 steps with roughly 4 gallons of initially 197* water  (2 gal each sparge)

OG 1.070

UPDATE 8/4/14: last night bottled with a tea made according to jmo’s original spec, FG clocked in at 1.009, giving 8% abv. Yielded a case of bombers, a case of 12oz bottles, and four various flip-tops 🙂 Yum!!