Batch 37: Ryeteous IPA!

2.5 gallon batch, 1 vial of WLP001

added 2.5 tsp gypsum to filtered water

crushed grain 2 nights beforehand:

6# munton’s pearl malt
8oz rye
2oz C60
2oz Caraaroma

mashed in with 2.5g water at 165*, mash began at 151* at 7:21p, at 8:53p, 146*, first sparge started
second sparge, ~2.125g 171* water
collected ~3.25g wort

1.040 at 132*

it took No Time At All to take 2-2.5g of liquor to mash temps with the stove assisted by both heat sticks

started wort in the kettle at 9:51 (microwave time)

added 1oz CTZ, 1oz Simcoe with 10 minutes left

added 1oz Willamette from Organarchy, 0.5oz CTZ at flameout

OG 1.065, finished Friday night

Healthy fermentation on Saturday eve, though I’m a little worried it’s too hot … temp strip says high 70s

UPDATE 8/17/14

kegged this a few days ago with 1oz of Organarchy Willamette hops, FG reading about 1.011 (yielding ~7%abv). Force carbonated at ~27psi since Friday (today is Sunday night), might fine and tasty! Rocky light tan head, complex malt, a little bit of rye spice, and some prominent bitter. Floral on the end, quite an interesting brew 🙂 I’m a bit surprised at the depth of color from only 2oz Caraaroma, 2oz C60.

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