Batch 42: Dark English Mild

Added 0.5tsp gypsum, ~1 tsp calcium carbonate to total volume of strike/sparge water

~3.75 gal water stopped at 165* (crept up to ~172 as it was sitting)

6# Pearl malt
1# Brown malt
12oz C60
12oz Pale Chocolate
4oz C120

mash temp at 156* to start, ending mash temp 152*

collected 6.5 gallons of wort

OG 1.044

UPDATE 10/8/14: KEGGED, FG came to 1.012 (higher than expected? abv est at 4.20%) force carbed … a bit darker and more roasty than I had intended, but definitely delicious! with some roasted barley and oats, this would make a fine stout. With a bit less color and roast, and some chai, this would be DELICIOUS (consider also: lactose).

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