Batch 44: Sarah’s Good Morning Breakfast Stout

8# German Pils
1# Pale Chocolate
1# Roasted Barley
1# Oats
8oz C120
4oz OS Wheat

FWH 1oz Northern Brewer (stated 9.1%, probably lower due to age)
15min 1oz Northern Brewer

1.036 at 120*

1 # oats in 1 gallon water starting at *110 for at least 20 minutes (beta-glucan rest)

3tsp Gypsum total in 10 gallons of filtered prep water

mash ended up at 135* b/c of adding oat mash without heating it further. 1 gallon up to 200* after starting mash, brought mash to between 152-160*, mash came down to about 150* by end of mash

Chilled to below 70* (thank you November tap water), pitched one packet of S-05

OG: 1.058