Batch 45: New Year’s IPA

Recipe Type: All-Grain
Yeast: WLP862
Yeast Starter: No (1 vial used)
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5 gallons
Original Gravity: ? 1.056 ?
Final Gravity: 1.007 (6.43% est. ABV)
IBU: 50?
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60
Color:  7
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):

7.5# Munton’s Pearl
3.5# German Pils
1# Rye
0.5# C60
0.5# Torrified Wheat

2oz CTZ (17.5%) 10min
0.5oz CTZ (15.5%) 5min
0.5oz Simcoe (10.3%) 5min
0.5oz CTZ (15.5%) 1min
0.5oz Simcoe (10.3%) 1min

Whirlfloc 10min ** FORGOT THE WHIRLFLOC

2.5 tsp of Gypsum in 10 gallons of prep water

7 gallons of wort pulled off at 1.045 (1.031 at 137*)

Chilled to about 65* then pitched yeast. Collected a little more than expected (didn’t boil off as much as expected) … got probably 6 gallons in the carboy. I’m really hoping it stays in there, and that Cry Havoc stays true to form as a bottom-fermenter.

IPA!! Not sure I’ll dry hop it this time. I’ll be using Cry Havoc Yeast at low ale temps (low 60s, what I’m getting in my fermentation room), partially to try this yeast out and partially to generate a nice yeast cake for the following beer, which is slated to be a Vienna Lager. I’ll try to ferment that one lower, and “lager” it under the stairs in the back yard (horraaaay Winter!).

UPDATE 1/16/15 – hoppy fruit, maybe citrus? maybe not … a little mineral on the palate, but delicious 🙂

UPDATED May 2015 – I had try-hopped it with (I think) about an ounce of citra… bad idea. was delicious before, and the citra threw the whole thing off.