Batch 70: Glitter Barleywine

So many thanks to Tom and Drew for the assistance with this brew 🙂 The day began with a disappointment, when the new heat sticks tripped the breaker. We moved outside into the COLD, and lost a lot of heat in the mash. In addition, we couldn’t fit all 36# of grain that were planned into the mash tun. So, we made beer … we’re just not entirely sure what it will be like. Salud!

Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: S-05
Yeast Starter: 4 pints of settled yeast from Batch #68
Batch Size (Gallons): 10
Original Gravity: 1.084
Final Gravity: 1.009
IBU: ??
Boiling Time (Minutes): 105
Color: ??
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):

30# Maris Otter
4# C60
2# Rye

6oz Northern Brewer FWH

About 32# of the grain made it into the mash. We lost a lot of temperature in the process, and ended at 140°. 20 minutes into the mash, I drew off 6 qts and boiled, then another 6 qt and boiled, yielding up to 150° mash in certain areas of the mash (though the heat didn’t quite evenly distribute). Chilled to 65ish°. I had taken three pints, and one half pint, of liquid with yeast from Batch #68. The yeast settled to a few inches thickness at hte bottom of each, and these were pitched into the fermeter.

UPDATE 3/19 pm: VIGOROUS fermentation goin on, temps at 64 😉

UPDATE 4/1: reads 1.012, and tastes Complex. Sweet, hoppy and a little fruity … might age quite well

UPDATE 4/13: reads 1.009 (10.5% abv), definitely with rye spiciness, and some caramel sweet and malty flavor from MO and C60, but not “sweet” just “sweet-like” flavors of the malt. This is gonna be a goodun.

UPDATE 4/15: kegged, and it is HOT, with a strange over-ripe banana peel sweetness. Very green, gonna need a long time to figure itself out.