Batch 73/74: Pliny Two Ways

The experiment today: brew a Pliny Clone with a handful of hop substitutions, and split the batch between a standard fermentation (Batch 73, one carboy with San Diego Super/WLP090) and one as a NEIPA (Batch 74, in a carboy with London Fog Ale Yeast/WLP066). Based on the following Pliny recipe:

Russian River Pliny the Elder Clone

Hops were substituted based on the best I had available.

I simultaneously brewed a pale ale (boat beer? Batch 75). In truth this may not taste quite like Pliny but the proper half should hopefully fit the bill of a righteous West Coast IPA (73), and the experimental half (NEIPA; 74) – we’ll see!

Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: WLP090, WLP066
Yeast Starter: 1L starter for each
Batch Size (Gallons): 12 (6 and 6)
Original Gravity: 1.085 (1.078 @ 105°)
Final Gravity: 
IBU: lots?
Boiling Time (Minutes): 90
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):

27# 2-row
1.2# Carapils
1.2# C40
2# Dextrose

6oz Nugget (12.4%) – FWH
2oz CTZ (?%) – FWH
2oz Nugget (12.4%) – 45 min
2oz Simcoe (13.9%) – 30 min
5oz Simcoe (13.9%) – 0 min
4oz Cascade – 0 min

(1) package Burton Salts (for 5gal batch) added to mash
(2) tsp Gypsum added to mash

Mashed for 60 minutes at 150°

Chilled below 80°, split between two carboys and pitched yeast. Woohoo!

now we just need to work out the dry hop schedule … using advice from across the web, but including:

— SO word on the street seems to be that linalool and geraniol are oils likely to be bioconverted. According to the YCH web site, classics in NEIPA (citra, mosaic, amarillo, less often used: simcoe) have higher percentages of these oils than other hops (just clicking through reports on different varieties). It turns out that NUGGET, Cascade, and Northern Brewer also express these to varying degrees. Simcoe seems to cover the geraniol base, nugget seems solid on linlool, and cascade and NB seem to meet in the middle. So, instead of the suggested 1oz each Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe for first dry hop (and 0.25oz each for second dry hop) recommended by the Pliny clone recipe, our dry hop additions will be as follows:

– First dry hop (7/4/18): 4oz each, Simcoe and Nugget, 1oz each, NB and Cascade
– Second dry hop (7/9/18): 1oz each, Simcoe, Nugget, 0.5oz each, NB, Cascade

Pliny Clone, roughly as recommended at AMA
– first dry hop (7/9/18; after racking to 2ndary): 1oz each, Simcoe & Nugget, 0.5oz each, NB and Cascade
– second dry hop 5 days later <TBD>: 0.5oz each, Simcoe & Nugget, 0.25 oz each, NB andCascade

UPDATE 7.9.18: the Pliny clone tastes full-bodies, HOPPY, and quite delicious. A little cloudy in the fermenter (hasn’t dropped clear yet, but I racked to 2ndary anyway), and the first taste was a little sweet, but it rang in at 1.012, leaving a whopping 10.26% ABV in the glass. It does not in any way drink like a 10% beer. Holy crap. The NEIPA smells oh-so-juicy, but I haven’t sampled it yet – I’ll do so upon kegging, in a few days, but – oh boy. Ohhhhh boy. Yum 🙂