Batch 95: Cocoa Sombrero

Some new equipment, including a new false bottom for my round 5 gallon mash tun, and a true stainless counterflow chiller, need a good inaugural beer. This is the Soul Harvester recipe, but mashed really hot to keep it thick, lower ABV, and then spiced

Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: S-05
Yeast Starter: Two packets
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5
Original Gravity: 1.065
Final Gravity: 1.022 (~6% ABV)
IBU: ~55?
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60
Color: ~40?
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):

10# 2-row
.75# Roasted Barley
.75# Chocolate Rye
.5# Special B
4oz C120
4oz DH Carafa III

2oz Northern Brewer – 60 min
1oz Northern Brewer – 15 min
whirlfloc @ 15 min

excellent mash at 158º, very clear lauter for 10 minutes (woohoo, awesome combo of the new false bottom and the old pumps!!!!). Chilled to ~80° in the counterflow chiller (ROCK ON!! Thank you, Northern Brewer, and Mom for the birthday present!!), captured 5 gallons.

12/16/20 – kegged it, and ran a tea with a quart of beer boiled for 20 minutes with 2 cinnamon sticks (1 regular, 1 small), 1 vanilla bean (half a bean? soaked in EToH), 3 tbsp Trader Joe’s cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp McCormick’s ancho chile powder, cooled and pitched