Batch 100: Obama’s Last Stand

Oldie but goodie 🙂 was going to brew a 10% wheat wine with Centennial Hops for my 100th batch, but maybe I can just save that for another day.

Original recipe here:

Batch 63: Inauguration Ale

I swapped half of the MO with 2-row due to only having 6# of MO. Hops are OLD (some of them) so I bought BeerSmith to be able to use the hop age tool, which estimated that my northern brewer hops are less than half their original oomph – technically spoiled by some standards? but they still smell great so I’m gonna use em. SO – loading up on some things in the recipe, but for the original, see above

Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: S-04
Yeast Starter: No (24g dry, pitched to the fermenter)
Final Batch Size (Gallons): 3.75
Original Gravity: 1.092
Final Gravity: 1.020 (ABV: 10.3%)
IBU: ~70? (estimated by BeerSmith)
Boiling Time (Minutes): 90
Color: ~38 SRM?
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):

6# Maris Otter
6# 2-row
1.5# Special B
.75# Carafa II Special
.5# C60

3oz Old Northern Brewer (~4% AAU) 90min
1oz Nugget, 0.5oz Cascade 10min
1oz Nugget, 0.5oz Cascade @Whirlpool (after cooled below 180*)

Mashed at 150° for 60 minutes, then sparged for 15 minutes, before collecting 7 gallons for the boil. In 90 minutes, it boiled down to just below 5 gallons. I couldn’t run the wort through the counter flow chiller (found out later one of the silicone hoses was clogged with sludge), so I transferred to the 5 gallon igloo cooler and cooled with the copper immersion. Recovered just under 4 gallons of wort, transferred and pitched at about 75°, then put into a water bath.

2/10/22 – gravity reading of 1.020. Tastes dark, smoky, toasty, possibly very heavily influenced by all of that Carafa II – I had my doubles putting all of that in, and now those doubts are coming home to roost. I think this’ll be fine drinkin once it carbs and settles, but it’s a bit too close to tasting burnt right now for my comfort

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