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Batch 83: Chai Tea Latte Brown Ale

Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: Safale S05Yeast Starter: 1 packedBatch Size (Gallons): ~3 gallons?Original Gravity: ?Final Gravity: ?IBU: ~25Boiling Time (Minutes): 60Color: ?Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 4.5# Maris Otter3.5# 2-row2# C404oz C1202oz Pale Chocolate 0.75oz Northern Brewer FWH0.5# lactose (15 min)1 Whirlfloc (15 min) Mashed in, held […]

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Batch 82: Boat Beer

It worked last time … let’s try again? Crushable session ale. Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: NottinghamYeast Starter: 2 packetsBatch Size (Gallons): Original Gravity: Final Gravity: IBU: ~Boiling Time (Minutes):  75Color: ~7 SRM?Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): Yeast Starter: 1L starter, pitched at high krausenBatch Size (Gallons): 10.5Original Gravity: 1.056Final Gravity: ??IBU: ~32Boiling Time (Minutes):  75Color: ~7 SRM?Primary Fermentation (# […]

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Batch 81: Ryan’s IPA

For the past few years, folks at the BPRU have organized a charity auction. Nothing too huge or outlandish, but we’ve raised a fair penny each year for a good cause. Last year and this year, I offered a case of home-brewed beer, brewed to order, and this year the prize was won by my […]

Batch 80: Obama’s Last Stand

One of the best dark beers I’ve brewed was inspired by the inauguration of our 45th president (see here). I’m at it again, with a 10 gallon batch 🙂 Let’s see if we can recreate the magic! Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP001Yeast Starter: 1L starter, pitched at high krausenBatch Size (Gallons): 11Original Gravity: 1.0Final Gravity: ??IBU: ~Boiling Time (Minutes): 90Color: ~38 SRM?Primary Fermentation […]

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Batch 79: Falconer’s Revenge

Brewing the SMaSH(ish) with Falconer’s Flight got me thinking about how this hop blend would taste with a bit more Umpfh … so we’re brewing a double IPA with FF, to open it up and see what it can do. Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP007Yeast Starter: 1L starter created from 1 packet, spun on the […]

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Batch 78: Falconer’s Flight/MO SMaSH(ish)

I scored a huge hop sale on before the holiday, and in that purchased my first ever Falconer’s Flight (1#). Over the holiday I finished the build and tested my 1-element electric brewing control (adapted from To test out the system (and add some more hops to my current tap list), I chose […]

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Batch 77: Harvest Amber Ale

The next in a series of pumpkin ales for the season, inspired by the impeccable Nepenthe Amber Ale recipe (adapted earlier this year to include MO as the base malt), and riding on the heels of the Pumpkin Dubbel that placed 3rd in the professional panel of the homebrew comp for the 2016 Baltimore Craft […]

Batch 76: Stephanie’s India Pale Ale

The name of the game today is: make beer. We have pale male, some C120, some rye, and some hops so … I think we’re gonna make an IPA 🙂 Adding dextrose at the end of the boil to augment the ABV and dry it out a little more Recipe Type: All Grain Yeast: Nottingham Yeast Starter: 0.5L […]

Batch 75: Small Pale Ale

Pale ale made from the leftovers of Batches 73/74. Recipe Type: All Grain Yeast: S-04 Yeast Starter: None (one packet pitched) Batch Size (Gallons): 5 Original Gravity: 1.062 Final Gravity: 1.008 (on 7/4/18) IBU: 24? Boiling Time (Minutes): 60 Color: ~6.6? Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 8# 2-row 14.5oz Carapils 12oz C40 0.5 oz Cascade […]

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Batch 73/74: Pliny Two Ways

The experiment today: brew a Pliny Clone with a handful of hop substitutions, and split the batch between a standard fermentation (Batch 73, one carboy with San Diego Super/WLP090) and one as a NEIPA (Batch 74, in a carboy with London Fog Ale Yeast/WLP066). Based on the following Pliny recipe: Russian River Pliny the Elder […]