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Batch 76: Stephanie’s India Pale Ale

The name of the game today is: make beer. We have pale male, some C120, some rye, and some hops so … I think we’re gonna make an IPA ūüôā Adding dextrose at the end of the boil to augment the ABV and dry it out a little more Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†Nottingham Yeast Starter:¬†0.5L […]

Batch 64: Cool your jets IPA

Brian and Jill at Nepenthe recently provided an astute diagnosis of developing off flavors in my beer. Turns out I’ve been neglecting the health of my yeast, both in terms of under-pitching and not controlling temps. I’ve had some pissed off yeasts. I’ve also recently begun to really dial in my water. With these tools […]

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Batch 52: Blue Bench Blonde Ale

Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†WLP001 Yeast Starter:¬†Yeast Cake from Batch 50 Batch Size (Gallons):¬†8 (8 gallon boil, 6.5 fermentation topped up at kegging) Original Gravity: 1.066 Final Gravity: IBU: 25 Boiling Time (Minutes):¬†60 Color: 5.5 Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 8# 2-row 8# Maris Otter 4oz C60 […]

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Batch 51: Shichimi Saison

Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†WLP565 Yeast Starter:¬†no, but used¬†2 vials Batch Size (Gallons):¬†8 gallon Original Gravity: Final Gravity: IBU: Boiling Time (Minutes):¬†60 Color: Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): grain hops 1 Whirlfloc 1 tsp Gypsum per 5gal hot liquor (3tsp Gypsum) 0.5oz shichimi   need to find […]

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Batch 44: Sarah’s Good Morning Breakfast Stout

8# German Pils 1# Pale Chocolate 1# Roasted Barley 1# Oats 8oz C120 4oz OS Wheat FWH 1oz Northern Brewer (stated 9.1%, probably lower due to age) 15min 1oz Northern Brewer 1.036 at 120* 1 # oats in 1 gallon water starting at *110 for at least 20 minutes (beta-glucan rest) 3tsp Gypsum total in […]

Batch 43: Columbus IPA

added 2tsp Gypsum 11# Pearl Malt 8oz Torrified Wheat 4oz C60 90 minute boil 2 oz CTZ 10 min 1oz CTZ 5 min 1oz CTZ 1 min Mash temp began at 152*, ended 148* OG 1.060 UPDATE 10/8/14: KEGGED with 1oz Cole Hops (Cascade), force-carbed, FG =¬†¬†1.007 (~7% ABV). After one day, lost pressure due […]

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Batch 42: Dark English Mild

Added 0.5tsp gypsum, ~1 tsp calcium carbonate to total volume of strike/sparge water ~3.75 gal water stopped at 165* (crept up to ~172 as it was sitting) 6# Pearl malt 1# Brown malt 12oz C60 12oz Pale Chocolate 4oz C120 mash temp at 156* to start, ending mash temp 152* collected 6.5 gallons of wort […]

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Batch 37: Ryeteous IPA!

2.5 gallon batch, 1 vial of WLP001 added 2.5 tsp gypsum to filtered water crushed grain 2 nights beforehand: 6# munton’s pearl malt 8oz rye 2oz C60 2oz Caraaroma mashed in with 2.5g water at 165*, mash began at 151* at 7:21p, at 8:53p, 146*, first sparge started second sparge, ~2.125g 171* water collected ~3.25g […]

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Batch 29/30: RIS and Coffee (Chocolate? Vanilla?) Porter

Partigyle seems to be the word of the day! Brew day was Sunday, Jan 12. Brewing this recipe: and capping the mash for a small beer, because why not!? Gonna either let the small beer sit in secondary with vanilla or chocolate, or bottle with either a vanilla tea or coffee, to make some […]