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Batch 92: Dubbel the demand

I put out a call to Twitter, and the good people of the interwebs voted that I should brew a Belgian Dubbel next ūüôā So, here we are. I’m using a hybrid of a number of recipes, including the Ommegang Abbey Dubbel at (, my first dubbel (, and the dubbel recipe in […]

Batch 90: Mexican Lager

Adapted from – I figured I needed to brew a mexican lager at some point during the pandemic. Might as well do it now. Recipe Type: All GrainYeast: WLP800Yeast Starter: worked up from .5L to 2L starter, let it sit for months, topped it off with a 1L wort, pitched 2 days laterBatch Size (Gallons): 5Original Gravity: 1.038Final Gravity: 1.006 […]

Batch 88: English Mild

Recipe Type:¬†All GrainYeast:¬†S-05Yeast Starter:¬†yeast cake from Batch 87Batch Size (Gallons):¬†6.5Original Gravity:¬†1.038Final Gravity:¬†IBU:¬†20?Boiling Time (Minutes):¬†60Color:¬†BrownPrimary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 8# 2-row0.5# C400.25# C1200.25# brown malt0.25# roasted barley 1oz Cascade ‚Äď FWH mashed a little cold, not entirely sure (low 140s?), got good efficiency, yield of 6ish gallons. Pitched […]

Batch 87: Pliny the imposter

Recipe Type:¬†All GrainYeast:¬†S-05 (2 packets)Yeast Starter: noneBatch Size (Gallons):¬†5.5Original Gravity:¬†1.066 (with Dextrose)Final Gravity:¬†1.006 (8.13% ABV, alt formula)IBU:¬†60s?Boiling Time (Minutes):¬†90Color: Dark StrawPrimary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp):Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 11# 2-row0.5# Carapils0.5# C401# Dextrose (added at high krausen) 1.5oz Green Bullet (12.x%) ‚Äď FWH1oz Green Bullet (12.x%) ‚Äď 45 min0.5oz FF […]

Batch 81: Ryan’s IPA

For the past few years, folks at the BPRU have organized a charity auction. Nothing too huge or outlandish, but we’ve raised a fair penny each year for a good cause. Last year and this year, I offered a case of home-brewed beer, brewed to order, and this year the prize was won by my […]

Batch 76: Stephanie’s India Pale Ale

The name of the game today is: make beer. We have pale male, some C120, some rye, and some hops so … I think we’re gonna make an IPA ūüôā Adding dextrose at the end of the boil to augment the ABV and dry it out a little more Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†Nottingham Yeast Starter:¬†0.5L […]

Batch 75: Small Pale Ale

Pale ale made from the leftovers of Batches 73/74. Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†S-04 Yeast Starter:¬†None (one packet pitched) Batch Size (Gallons):¬†5 Original Gravity:¬†1.062 Final Gravity:¬†1.008 (on 7/4/18) IBU:¬†24? Boiling Time (Minutes):¬†60 Color:¬†~6.6? Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 8# 2-row 14.5oz Carapils 12oz C40 0.5 oz Cascade […]

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Batch 73/74: Pliny Two Ways

The experiment today: brew a Pliny Clone with a handful of hop substitutions, and split the batch between a standard fermentation (Batch 73, one carboy with San Diego Super/WLP090) and one as a NEIPA (Batch 74, in a carboy with London Fog Ale Yeast/WLP066). Based on the following Pliny recipe: Russian River Pliny the Elder […]

Batch 72: Imperial Stout

This beer was destined to be a partigyle … but ended up just being a bitchin beer ūüôā Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†S-05 Yeast Starter:¬†Yeast cake from Batch #70 Batch Size (Gallons):¬†10 Original Gravity:¬†1.094 Final Gravity:¬†1.013 IBU:¬†~55? Boiling Time (Minutes):¬†60 Color: ~40? Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): […]

Batch 69: Oriander Pale Ale

It took a lot of restraint to not come up with a more salacious name for this beer. EDIT after tasting it (3/23), I’m starting to think of something like “easier than a presidential fitness test” b/c it is Easy Drinking. Recipe Type:¬†All Grain Yeast:¬†Nottingham (1 packets) Yeast Starter:¬†none Batch Size (Gallons):¬†intended 6 Original Gravity:¬†1.051 […]